Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm selling my kids to's a rundown of what they've done today:

1. Got out the playdough and played on the living room carpet.
2. Fed color blasted goldfish to the couch. At least they were nice enough to crumble the fish into tiny bits.
3. Cleaned out my nightstand and deposited contents on the floor. Did same for jewelry pouch on top of my jewelry box.
4. Added noise by turning on Joel's alarm clock radio.
5. Fed color blasted goldfish to Josiah's bed. Once again...nice enough to crumble and smoosh the fish.
6. Cleaned out my wallet and left me to find the contents.
7. Tried to reorganize my life by rearranging my planner.
8. Used a laundry detergent cup to empty water from toilet onto the bathroom floor.
9. Took a vitamin D capsule (from my room) and squished it...leaving sticky vitamin residue on little bitty hands.
10. Poured a cup of water onto my bed.

If I'm bald the next time you see me, you'll know why.

In other news, Joel and I are getting ready to head south for a week. We're heading to The WILDS for the annual Youth Worker's Conference. This will be our third time and we are looking forward to learning what God has for us! It has been such a time of refreshment and renewal!
PartyLite is going very well! I truly love my job (both the pay and the flexibility) and am looking forward to a promotion in the near future! Our company is doing well, despite the economy.
Jen is coming here for part of her Spring break and I'm really looking forward to it. My boys just adore her and she's kinda fun to have around :)

I'm ready for Spring.

Sorry for the disjointed thoughts, but sometimes that's how the day goes. :)

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Rachel said...

Oh, boy (s)! I've had days like that! I so sympathize. Hope your life has fewer crazy days & more calm ones.