Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas traditions...

I'm stealing a few quiet moments while the boys are napping (okay....laying quietly, but I'll take it!) to jot down a few little traditions that we have. These are just the fun - we've always done them - traditions....

* Chocolate Advent Calendars - I buy the ones imported from Germany. I can always find them at Nino Salvaggio's but just today I saw them at Meijer! There are some made here in the good 'ole USA, but I lived in Germany as a kid and these are just like the ones I had as a kid.

* Chocolate coins - I need to stop by CVS and grab some! They must go in the stockings with the....

* Oranges. I only know one person who eats his Christmas orange (that's Uncle Dave!) but there's always one in the very toe of each stocking.

* New coloring books....left out....meant to be used before the parents are coherent on Christmas morning.

* Candy Canes on the tree....these are put on the tree on Christmas eve after the kids go to bed.

* Sugar cookies...Joel does these with the kids. I really don't like to bake cookies, and he enjoys it.....and they LOVE it!

*After the Christmas eve service, we always drive around and look at lights. For the past few years we've driven down Jefferson from Roseville through Grosse Pointe....lots of beautifully decorated homes!!

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Jennifer said...

We never did advent calendars in my family, but I taught my German students all about them and we had a class one. I did get an orange every year in my stocking, from my Nana...and I never ate it. LOL! Kids today - heck most people today - don't realize what a treat that was, to get an orange for Christmas.

Ahhh, the simple life.