Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today I picked Camden up from school and then the boys and I headed to the thrift store. They all groaned when I pulled into the parking lot....that "oh no mom's gonna be in here forever" groan. That's when I told them we were on a treasure hunt.

They were instantly excited.

A treasure hunt? For what?

I told them that we were going to build a snowman with Daddy, but that we needed a few things for him. We didn't have a hat or gloves, and no snowman would be complete with out a scarf! So into the store we went to find our treasures.

Camden saw the rack with the hats right away. We looked a a navy blue floppy hat...to girly. Then we saw a straw hat...to boring. The boys picked out a cowboy hat...perfect!

Next we headed to the scarves and gloves. Josiah found a scarf he liked, then he found a winter hat for our snowman. The boys decided that our snowman would likely be cold....so the cowboy hat went back and the winter hat was tossed into the cart.

I found some knit gloves and then Josiah declared that our snowman needed a coat. A coat? For a snowman? Hmmmm.....we settled on a vest. After all, we don't want our snowman to freeze (hee hee!)

Now we just needed something creative for eyes and buttons.....we headed to the toys and I was hoping to find a checkers game (pretty common, I thought) and you should have seen my giddy face when I found a bag of giant checkers. PERFECT!

On the way home we stopped by the park and Camden tried to pull off some lower branches (he had boots on and I didn't). The branches wouldn't budge, so I told him we'd figure something else out for the arms.

So the boys and daddy built a snowman today. His name is Abraham (they picked the name) and we think he's pretty great!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Been to the Valley?

Words and music by Bob Kauflin
As recorded on Valley of Vision


When You lead me to the valley of vision
I can see You in the heights
And though my humbling wouldn’t be my decision
It’s here Your glory shines so bright
So let me learn that the cross precedes the crown
To be low is to be high
That the valley’s where You make me more like Christ

Let me find Your grace in the valley
Let me find Your life in my death
Let me find Your joy in my sorrow
Your wealth in my need
That You’re near with every breath
In the valley

In the daytime there are stars in the heavens
But they only shine at night
And the deeper that I go into darkness
The more I see their radiant light
So let me learn that my losses are my gain
To be broken is to heal
That the valley’s where Your power is revealed

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a Soup Kind of Day

I love baked potato soup, and several friends have asked for the recipe. I don't measure when I cook (unless I'm trying someone else's recipe....) so these are approximations for the most part.

4 Baked, peeled, chopped potatoes or 6-8 small - you can use more :)
1 small onion- chopped
8 cups (or more for thinner soup) of milk. I use whatever milk I have on hand (whole, 2%, etc.)
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup flour
dried parsley
sour cream (1/2 cup for the soup and then some for garnish)
shredded cheese (cheddar or cojack)
Bacon bits (the real bacon kind, NOT bacos)
1 bouillion cube (chicken...add it to the milk.)

Saute the onion and butter until the onions are soft and transparent. Then add the flour to make a paste (roux??) and then wisk in the 1/2 of the milk and all the seasonings (I just eyeball it and season to taste) and bring to a near boil. Add the rest of the milk and all of the potatoes. Heat thoroughly, stirring often. Then add sour cream.

Ladle into bowls and top with sour cream, cheese and bacon.

**NOTE** This soup is high on flavor.....and fat content :)