Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today I picked Camden up from school and then the boys and I headed to the thrift store. They all groaned when I pulled into the parking lot....that "oh no mom's gonna be in here forever" groan. That's when I told them we were on a treasure hunt.

They were instantly excited.

A treasure hunt? For what?

I told them that we were going to build a snowman with Daddy, but that we needed a few things for him. We didn't have a hat or gloves, and no snowman would be complete with out a scarf! So into the store we went to find our treasures.

Camden saw the rack with the hats right away. We looked a a navy blue floppy hat...to girly. Then we saw a straw hat...to boring. The boys picked out a cowboy hat...perfect!

Next we headed to the scarves and gloves. Josiah found a scarf he liked, then he found a winter hat for our snowman. The boys decided that our snowman would likely be cold....so the cowboy hat went back and the winter hat was tossed into the cart.

I found some knit gloves and then Josiah declared that our snowman needed a coat. A coat? For a snowman? Hmmmm.....we settled on a vest. After all, we don't want our snowman to freeze (hee hee!)

Now we just needed something creative for eyes and buttons.....we headed to the toys and I was hoping to find a checkers game (pretty common, I thought) and you should have seen my giddy face when I found a bag of giant checkers. PERFECT!

On the way home we stopped by the park and Camden tried to pull off some lower branches (he had boots on and I didn't). The branches wouldn't budge, so I told him we'd figure something else out for the arms.

So the boys and daddy built a snowman today. His name is Abraham (they picked the name) and we think he's pretty great!

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Garnetrose said...

Sounds like you were quite busy. I loved building snowmen with my kids.*s*