Monday, June 28, 2010

Surgery update for Trevor

Last Wednesday I took Trevor for his CT scan. He did quite well! We had one nurse that was not super brilliant...when I was signing consent forms she told me the name of the drug that they were going to use to sedate Trevor. She said "Propofol, you know, the Michael Jackson drug." Really? I was not bothered that they use that drug, just that she had the lack of sensitivity to draw that comparison.

Anyways, we met with our surgeon again today. Trevor will have surgery on July 13 and will remain in the hospital for 1-4 days. The first night will be spent in the PICU and then he will be moved to a regular room if he's doing all right.

Basically, they have to go in and pull his intestines back through the hole and put them in their proper place. Then they'll have to close the hole using either his own tissue or a synthetic patch.

The surgeon said that this type of hernia is pretty rare, and that most surgeons see only 8-10 cases like this in their entire careers.

The surgery itself is not complicated, and Trevor could possibly come home the very next day. Once he is eating and drinking on his own and his intestines are functioning properly they will release him. Then the real challenge begins....keeping him happy and busy doing non-active things for a while! we wait. We have our questions answered and Trevor is not in any pain (that he's mentioned).

Monday, June 07, 2010

Trevor - one little boy with 2 problems....

Okay, so here is a lot of information. I'm not even sure if I've completely absorbed/processed all of it yet!

Trevor has 2 different problems. The first is the more urgent/serious concern and we'll tackle it immediately. The second is a long-term issue.

First of all, Trevor does have a congenital Morgagni hernia (a hole in his diaphragm). Part of his bowel has slipped into the hole and up under his ribs. This is fixed with inpatient surgery...they will make an incision under his ribcage and pull the bowel back down where it belongs. Then they will close the hole in the diaphragm. Our surgeon hopes to use Trevor's own tissue to repair the hernia. If it's too big, however, he will have to use a synthetic material. Using his own tissue is the best scenario since it will grow with him. Trevor will spend at least 1 night in the hospital, but we're unsure of recovery time at this point.

The second problem is a congenital chest abnormality. Basically, the base of Trevor's sternum is crooked, causing the right side of his chest wall to stick out. This is NOT caused by the hernia. Our surgeon recommends watching this for a few years and eventually Trevor may have to wear a brace for a while to reshape his ribcage/chest.

The first step is a CT scan....we're waiting to find out exactly when that will be. Once the results from the scan are in, we will have another consult with the surgeon and he'll schedule surgery from there. He wants to have a clear picture of exactly what is going on, and the x-ray only shows so much. This will help him see what is going on with the hernia as well as the chest wall.

So...I am sure I will have lots of questions in the coming days/weeks. I'll keep everyone updated about the CT scan and surgery as we know more.

Thanks for your prayers!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


When Trevor was about 6 months old, I noticed a funny noise when he would nurse. It was grinding sound....sort of like the strong growl you have when you haven't eaten in all day.

I mentioned this to our pediatrician, and it was noted then that his chest was abnormal. Not necessarily a problem, but something to keep our eyes on.

Last Monday (May 24) I took Trevor in for his 3 year well visit. During the visit I mentioned that Joel and I are more concerned about this deformity and that it seems to have gotten worse in the last 6-8 weeks. Our pediatrician (different doctor, same practice) decided that we should have Trevor's chest x-rayed to rule out any major problems.

I left the office and went straight to the St. John center on 12 Mile. I knew we'd be able to get the x-rays done that afternoon. Once the technician did the first set of films, I knew that she saw something because she called another tech to take a look. Together they decided to do another set of films from another angle. Hmmm...

Well, Dr. Schomaker called on Wednesday as soon as he got the radiologists report and reviewed the films himself. Our sweet Trevor has a diaphragmatic hernia on the right side. Now what?

Well, it certainly means surgery is in the near future for our littlest Gearhart. We have an appointment on Monday, June 7 with a Pediatric Surgeon. Right now we don't have a time frame or really very many details about what is going to happen. I have googled enough to know that I shouldn't google at all when it comes to my kids and a medical diagnosis! Lots of scary info out there!

Please pray with us that the surgeon will have wisdom in dealing with Trevor. I am so thankful that we have the opportunity to have this treated and that we are getting help before any major problems occurred.

Trevor is in no pain and really has no symptoms other than what you can see by looking at him. I will update more after we meet with the surgeon.

Here is a link about diaphragmatic hernias. While Trevor is not an infant, at least it give some info.