Monday, June 28, 2010

Surgery update for Trevor

Last Wednesday I took Trevor for his CT scan. He did quite well! We had one nurse that was not super brilliant...when I was signing consent forms she told me the name of the drug that they were going to use to sedate Trevor. She said "Propofol, you know, the Michael Jackson drug." Really? I was not bothered that they use that drug, just that she had the lack of sensitivity to draw that comparison.

Anyways, we met with our surgeon again today. Trevor will have surgery on July 13 and will remain in the hospital for 1-4 days. The first night will be spent in the PICU and then he will be moved to a regular room if he's doing all right.

Basically, they have to go in and pull his intestines back through the hole and put them in their proper place. Then they'll have to close the hole using either his own tissue or a synthetic patch.

The surgeon said that this type of hernia is pretty rare, and that most surgeons see only 8-10 cases like this in their entire careers.

The surgery itself is not complicated, and Trevor could possibly come home the very next day. Once he is eating and drinking on his own and his intestines are functioning properly they will release him. Then the real challenge begins....keeping him happy and busy doing non-active things for a while! we wait. We have our questions answered and Trevor is not in any pain (that he's mentioned).


Eric L. Williams said...

We will be praying! Keep us posted.

Jennifer said...

lovely nurse...she wins the LAME card for today.

we are praying for you all, and miss you!

Mrs. Pizo said...

We will be praying for all of you. It will be a busy couple of days.