Monday, June 07, 2010

Trevor - one little boy with 2 problems....

Okay, so here is a lot of information. I'm not even sure if I've completely absorbed/processed all of it yet!

Trevor has 2 different problems. The first is the more urgent/serious concern and we'll tackle it immediately. The second is a long-term issue.

First of all, Trevor does have a congenital Morgagni hernia (a hole in his diaphragm). Part of his bowel has slipped into the hole and up under his ribs. This is fixed with inpatient surgery...they will make an incision under his ribcage and pull the bowel back down where it belongs. Then they will close the hole in the diaphragm. Our surgeon hopes to use Trevor's own tissue to repair the hernia. If it's too big, however, he will have to use a synthetic material. Using his own tissue is the best scenario since it will grow with him. Trevor will spend at least 1 night in the hospital, but we're unsure of recovery time at this point.

The second problem is a congenital chest abnormality. Basically, the base of Trevor's sternum is crooked, causing the right side of his chest wall to stick out. This is NOT caused by the hernia. Our surgeon recommends watching this for a few years and eventually Trevor may have to wear a brace for a while to reshape his ribcage/chest.

The first step is a CT scan....we're waiting to find out exactly when that will be. Once the results from the scan are in, we will have another consult with the surgeon and he'll schedule surgery from there. He wants to have a clear picture of exactly what is going on, and the x-ray only shows so much. This will help him see what is going on with the hernia as well as the chest wall.

So...I am sure I will have lots of questions in the coming days/weeks. I'll keep everyone updated about the CT scan and surgery as we know more.

Thanks for your prayers!


Terri L. Helmick said...

Hi Dawn my daughter was born with Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia so I know your fear. I'm feeling pretty optimistic reading your post tonight. The surgery is not that big of a deal. I'd ask yyour surgeon if there is anyway that "if" his hole is too big they can take muscle from his side to do the repair. My daughter had a gortex patch placed at birth and her body did extremely weird thing to it. Actually at 25 months her intestines digested the patch and caused a life threatning total bowel obstruction. Ava had to have a total of 6 major abdominal surgeries. She is our miracle. Here is our blog if you want to read about our journey... I'm praying all goes well. Sounds like your son is one tough guy! If you have questions don't hesitateto email me ( )

MommaHarms said...

Dawn, I will be praying! Scary thing for a mommy!

Rachel said...

Praying for you guys!

Mrs. Pizo said...

Hey Gal,

We have been praying. I just updated Tony. Keep us posted!