Thursday, September 16, 2010

First MVCA Fieldtrip

Today was a blast! The boys and I attended our first MVCA field trip which found us checking out animals at Petco, playing (and sipping coffee) at Jungle Java and learning about healthy lifestyles at Meijer.

At Petco, the boys got to pet and hold various animals.....including a baby Ball python...yikes! They loved seeing the different kinds of animals and being able to get up close and personal with them.

Our next stop was Jungle Java. I had never heard of Jungle Java is a really neat place. Combine the coolest indoor play area you can imagine (complete with tunnel slides and a mini-zipline) with a hip-and-modern coffee shop/lunch spot. Some of the other MVCA moms sat and chatted while our kids became sweaty messes....and it was really enjoyable.

The last stop for the field trip was Meijer. Donna, a Meijer employee, took our group on a tour of the store. We stopped in multiple departments and learned about proper food choices and healthy lifestyles. Snacks were given out along the way, and the tour ended at the Purple Cow....Meijer's hand-dipped ice cream stand. Yum!
All in all it was a great first field trip!
Since we were in the area and I needed a few things, the boys and I ended our day in Canton with a quick trip into IKEA. I'm really not sure there's such a thing as a "quick trip" into the huge expanse of home furnishings....but we were in and out in an hour! Josiah and Trevor played in Smaland while Camden got to push the European-styled shopping cart.

Now my three little guys are tucked in bed, and we will be back at the books tomorrow....

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