Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Early Winter

Winter Warning...this post may be long.....

I wasn't ready for Winter. Oh, I was ready for that first snow fall. I love the first one each year! I wasn't ready, however, for what winter would bring us.

In late December I drove to Cleveland to visit my Dad. He was there on business, so the boys and I headed down there after church on a Sunday afternoon. It was very impromptu, but I was glad to get to see Dad, and for my boys to see him. We spent the night at my brother's home and planned to stay until sometime on Tuesday.

On Monday afternoon I had the chance to see my Grandpa and his wife, Della. They came over to my brother's house and we sat at the dining room table and chatted for a few hours. My phone rang and I knew by the ring that it was Joel, so I jumped up to get it. My heart sank when he told me that Pastor and the Deacons had met the night before and had decided that they could no longer afford to keep Joel on staff, and that we would be done at our church in January.

I waited for Grandpa to leave (relishing the time with him, but wanting to escape) and then told my brother that I needed to go home. So I grabbed our things and headed home (it's only 3 hours). I was sooo thankful for sunglasses, because my oldest could see me in the rear-view mirror and I was trying to hide the tears from him.

What were we going to do? How were we going to find work in Michigan right now? What about our precious teens that we love SO MUCH? How were we going to tell our children? Where would we go to church? And Christmas?? Why did this have to happen right now, right before Christmas?

The next few weeks were ones of little sleep, lots of prayer and many, many tears.

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