Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This past fall held a major change for our family...we began homeschooling. Yikes! I am confident in my teaching abilities but teaching your own children at home is very different from a traditional classroom.

After much prayer and research, we decided to enroll our two oldest in the Michigan Virtual Charter Academy. I absolutely LOVE the curriculum! My boys are thriving educationally and I'm surviving this new way of life.

I'm not sure how long we'll homeschool...our main reason for doing so this year was financial. We weren't sure we could swing tuition for two. Camden attended Faith Christian School for K-5 and First grade...and he LOVED it there. However, tuition for both Camden and Josiah was really going to be a stretch and we just weren't sure about being able to do make that payment every month.

There are days that I love what we're doing, and days that make me remember why birds eat their young. I must admit that if we are able to enroll the boys in school next year (wherever we are...but that's another post!!) I would love to. I guess time will tell :).

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