Friday, March 25, 2011


Do you like to wait? Does anyone? I don't know about you, but I'm am not good at waiting. When I was a kid I snooped for the Christmas presents. As a teenager (ok, so now too) I liked to drive fast and get where I'm going. I just don't like to wait.

Ah, but you know the phrase....good things come to those who wait. So I often spend my days wondering what good things are coming our way, because I am tired of waiting.

I am tired of waiting for a new ministry.

I am tired of waiting for our house to sell.

I am tired of waiting to decide what we're going to do about school next year.

I am tired of waiting on life in general.

My fear is that with all this waiting, part of me is missing life as it comes. I need to just live here and now, and not in some future part of my imagination. Oh, I have lots of things that I want for the future...but where I am right now is where I need to be.

God is never late. And I don't think I'm ready early, either. I just need to realize that His plan, in His time, is what is right.

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