Thursday, June 23, 2011

Abnormal Summer

This summer is different for Joel and I as a married couple...every summer from 2001 to now we have had big plans. We prepped and planned and packed and trekked here and there in vans and buses with people that we loved. But this summer is different...there's no camp or missions trip or retreat planned at all.

I'm finding it to be harder than I thought. I LOVE camp. I LOVE missions trips. I DON'T love tent camping...but I LOVED tent camping with our teens. I loved summer because it was always so busy...and while I longed for slower days, I didn't realize that THIS is what the slower days are like.

I miss them. I miss anticipating camp and watching them bloom and grow so quickly in a week. I miss following up with them on what they are learning and listening to them as they put the pieces together. I miss crazy van rides and friendship bracelets, coffee shop counseling sessions and craft shop bonding moments. I miss manicure night on the way to camp and sitting in the back of the gym/chapel praying for them as we listen and sing in the services.

Don't get me wrong...part of me is enjoying the respite...enjoying planning fun things for my boys and knowing we have our summer free to berry pick and park hunt. Daddy is home more in the evenings with fewer commitments and we're not constantly packing and unpacking our entire family for different events. We are enjoying the ministry that God has us at right now, we are serving where we can and soaking up everything else.

But part of my heart will always be at Northland Camp in the summer....and part of it will always be at Hartwick Pines and on the Au Sable River in a red, Borcher's canoe.

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Rachel said...

'Different' is so hard sometimes, isn't it? Praying for you as you navigate the new path God has you on this year.