Monday, August 29, 2011

Waiting for Fall

Waiting...seems to be the pattern of my life for a while. While I don't like it, I'm learning that it's part of a process. We were at Greenfield village with friends last week and we went into the pottery shop. As I watched the potter mold and shape the clay, I marveled at how gently - yet forcefully - he took a lump of clay and made a cup. You'd think that was the hard part, right? But - don't forget the kiln! That cup has to be "fired" to make it into a cup, otherwise it's just dried clay that will crumble and be unusable. The molding stretches and forms...but the fire tests and proves. Eventually, the cup comes out of the fire and it is only then that it can be used as the potter intends.....

This Fall will be different than others before it. Our boys (Camden and Josiah) will be starting school at Emerson Elementary in Fraser. This choice was not made in haste, and we are convinced that it is where they need to be right now. I will have just Trevor at home with me...that's going to be odd but wonderful.

This Fall also finds us still waiting on God for another ministry opportunity. We are not sure how much longer Joel will have work, but God has never failed to provide for us. I'm praying that Ferndale gets swamped with work and they can keep Joel on until God moves us elsewhere.

Our Little Blue Heaven will not be our home for much longer. Our short sale deadline is the end of this week...after that we will start the next phase of this not-so-easy process. We'll likely have a different home by Christmas, if not before. Sigh.

So as our Summer of Fun quietly slips into Fall, I wonder how our lives will transform....before long the trees will scream praise to their maker as they bid farewell to their leaves. The glorious color will give way to brown, then gray.

I'm going to relish the golds, reds, and purples. I'm going to drink cider and play with my kids and just enjoy the life God has given me.

One more thing...we LOVE our church. God has given us a haven....when something new does come along, it's going to be very difficult to leave our church family, again. They welcomed us with open arms...and for that we are so very, very, grateful.

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David C said...

I still think about you guys often. I know everything is going to work out great for you. There's nothing better in life than having a family and a church family that you love!