Friday, January 06, 2012

Don't Mess with my Baby!

I got a phone call today from Mr. A - the boys' principal.  He called to let me know that Camden had been pushed and had bumped his head, but that he was okay.  Then he told me who pushed was a classmate (S.).  Well, Camden and and a few students (S and M) have been having trouble for a while now.  I never really thought too much about bullying until this year.  A few weeks ago, S tried to push him off the playscape at recess.  S has been spoken to numerous times by Mrs. J (their teacher) and Camden has been in tears more than once about S's actions towards him.  There have been numerous little incidents all year, and the problem seems to be escalating {Insert Mama Bear Angry Voice}

Now, I know some are probably thinking a few

1.  This is happening because he is in a public school. You should have kept homeschooling him.  Actually, these types of things happen in Christian schools and Charter schools, too.  Homeschool was not the best option for our family right now, but that's an entirely different post.

2.  He's not really being bullied, it's part of being a kid.  Yes, some teasing is part of childhood.  I think what is going on here has taken on a different vibe than just plain old teasing.

3.  Camden is too sensitive.  Well, yes he is sensitive. However, being incessantly teased and pushed and poked and bumped get the picture.  It's not right.

Well, I set aside my Angry Mama Bear Voice and was polite to Mr. A on the phone.  What I really want to do is drive up to the school and stake out the school and tell S and S's parents that this will not be tolerated by the Angry Mama Bear.  Don't worry, I won't do that.

I will, however, continue to teach and coach my son on how to respond to others that are mean and spiteful.  I will teach him that those kids are just as important to their Creator as he is.  I will teach him that character means responding correctly in these types of situations.  I will teach him that standing up for himself is perfectly acceptable.  I will teach him that no matter what these kids say, being smart is NOT a bad thing.  I will teach him that he is loved, and that sometimes loving those that are not kind is difficult.



Anonymous said...

I am right there with you, Mama Bear! I am surprised that S and M are choosing to pick on a boy that towers over them, if memory serves me correctly. You are on the right track. Being Christ-like is not easy. We will be praying for Camden. So, is he interested in learning Karate?... :)

Mary Beth said...

Love your thoughts and your heart! Keep it up -- you're a great mom!

Angie said...

This has nothing to do with what you feel God is leading you to do for school with your boys. The fact is this is the real world and Camden is learning how to show grace to those who don't know God at a much earlier age than most. This is a good thing, really. However, no trial seems pleasant when we are going through it. Praying for him as it is tough to live through. Praying for the boys that they will feel the heat of those "hot coals" and figure out Camden is not worth the effort. :(

Nancy said...

Good for you for doing what is best for your children's education. As hard as it is sometimes public school is the only option and you are right it doesn't matter where you kids go to school there will be bullies. As far as being Christlike I am all for that being a Christian myself, however if you don't squash this problem now it will get worse. A friend of mine is having issues with her son being bullied he is 11. The things that are happening shouldn't be. If the teachers and principle are not going to do anything about it then you should talk to the parents. Most of the time the problem stems from home. I am all for turning the other cheek, but Camden does need to learn to protect himself. Karate may not be a bad idea. If it were my kid I would probably tell him to punch the kid, however that does not always solve things either. I totally would not worry about being overprotective. These are your kids and you have a right to make sure they are safe. Good luck. I am sure you will make the right decisions.

MommaHarms said...

I am mad with you! I was bullied in fourth grade at a public school and I have never forgotten it. I was bullied at a Christian school too, but it was different and never physical. I never forgot that either. No one should feel afraid to go to school! You are right to teach him to stand up for himself. I will pray for you mommy!

Arun said...

God bless you