Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm a mom of 3 active little boys, and there have been days (many, many days) when I longed for a vacation or break.  Many days I thought, "It would be so nice to climb on the couch and do nothing for few days and just relax."

I take it back.

I've been sick for almost 2 weeks.  Initially I thought is was just a bad cold with a cough....only I wasn't getting better.  So I finally went to the doctor and found out that I was battling pneumonia.  Well, that explains a lot.

So, I've been on the couch for days.  Most times, the codeine (love that stuff...mostly) makes it hard to concentrate on even the simplest material, so I've not been able to read.  Yesterday I tried to help with the laundry and dishes....and ended up feeling pretty miserable.  Today I stayed home from church (again) and am really missing my church family!

I haven't played with my kids or done much of anything to care for my family.  Joel has done most of the cooking and we've all eaten our fair share of peanut butter sandwiches this week.  My house is a wreck.  I'm not whining, just telling you that sitting on the couch and doing nothing is fun for an hour or two..but it gets boring really fast!  I can't wait to feel good enough to be up and around without losing my breath or getting dizzy.

So if you're reading this, please pray that the antibiotics do their job and that I can get to feeling somewhat normal soon.

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Rachel said...

So sorry you've been sick! I'm sure that couch gets boring really quickly. Hope you're back on your feet (literally :O) SOON!!

Praying for you.