Monday, April 30, 2012

The End of an Era

Tomorrow, my sweet Trevor turns 5.  He's about as excited as any kid get gets before his birthday, and it has been fun to listen to his chatter the past few days.

It is a bit surreal to me though, to realize that the "little years" are practically over and we are entering a new stage as a family.  I remember thinking that I'd never sleep again when Trevor was born....Camden was still 3, Josiah was 19 months old and I was tired!  Lots of people told me that those days would pass quickly.  I didn't believe them (nothing passes quickly when you're sleep deprived..well, except the nap!) and sure enough, here we are - ready for whatever comes next.

Trevor has often told me that he is a baby on the inside and a big boy on the outside.  I milked that for all it was worth!  Last week he told me that once he turns 5, he's going to be a big boy all the way through.  I'm not so sure that I like this idea.....

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