Monday, September 24, 2012


This summer did not really go as I had anticipated.  I had grandiose ideas of fun and exciting things to do with the boys.  We made a list and bought little scrapbooks. We schemed and planned.

And then Fall came.

That's not to say we didn't do anything fun this summer. We hit the beach a few times, made homemade ice cream, played lots of backyard baseball and moved into a different house.

Okay, so maybe moving shouldn't be categorized as something fun we did this summer.  I've moved enough in my life that while it's exciting and new and is not fun.  Sweating buckets while hauling boxes upon miserable boxes cannot in any way be categorized as fun.

So our summer has passed and we are officially into the best season that exists here in Michigan - Fall. Yes, I capitalized it (yes, on purpose).  Sure, nothing compares to Fall in New England, but God has placed me in Michigan ;)  The air is crisp and the cider mill is just begging for our family to visit.  The boys have switched from backyard baseball to football and we've begun making our daily trek to school and back.

It's funny.  When the boys were all really little I used to long for empty, peaceful days when I could get things done.  It seemed like the flurry of activity would never cease.  Now that I have the house all to myself each day, it's kinda surreal.  I can't stand the lack of noise - I guess you just get accustomed to the rambles of boys and when they're not here it is just too quiet.  So, it's a good thing I like to listen to music or I think I'd go a little nuts.

I'm learning that I'm not nearly as patient as I thought I was.  God has asked us to wait longer for a new ministry than I'd ever imagined.  We've done a lot of thinking, a lot of praying and, to be honest, a lot of sighing and wondering when and why and how.  I'd like to say that I never question what God is doing and I'd like to say that I've never asked why.

But I can't, because I have.  Joel and I know that God has something in mind for us.  Joel and I both remain convinced that ministry is where God wants us long-term.  We never imagined that we'd still be searching and waiting and learning to trust and trying to understand, but we are...

We don't know why God has allowed us to walk the path we have for the past little while.  We don't know when the rain is going to stop and when the sun is going to start shining again.  We're trying to dance in the rain, but there are days when we seem to have two left feet and the music gets all jumbled in our heads.

So, we keep trusting and waiting and taking dancing lessons.

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