Friday, January 04, 2013

Though the Storm Rages

Though the Storm Rages - 

In the quiet blackness of the night
The heart wonders and waits.
And cries.
For the storm has raged longer than
And the pain has dulled some - 
A scar has formed
But the longing is still there.

To be there and not here - 
But where is that elusive place?
To what extent must the tree be
And how long before the sap wounds heal

Longing for the place for roots to grow
Deep and Strong - 
To be wanted and used and grown and loved

The winds have blown hard - the tree
Must be replanted and the roots
Long for fresh water.

As the cover of night fades to day
And the heart continues to long for rescue
From the storm - 
The promises remain and the hope for 
Deliverance continues.

He has not left.  He has not forgotten.
The growing and the pruning, the pain - 
The tears - 
Have not failed to serve a purpose.  
He is still right.  He is still Sovereign.

Through the wind and rain He still deserves

Though the storm rages on He is still


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Tds World Wide Courier said...

may lose hope during the storms of life if it seems like nothing could possibly go right for me, even when I’m attempting to try something for the very first time. Can anyone relate? Ultimately, I know a story of a time when my husband, Ron Smith had to ask Jesus to help him through depression when he and his first wife got a divorce back in September of 2011.